Avakin Game And Things Players Can Do With Ava coins

Avakin Life Game:

Published by Lockwood Publishing, Avakin life is less like a game and more like an online virtual community. This game is perfect for those who dream of an alternative kind of lifestyle. While earlier this was just a dream, now, with this app, can be realized.

The app is available in the App Store for Apple devices, Google Play for Android. You can also download it for free from Amazon.com. The game can be played in many languages including German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Dutch, English, French.

Avakin Life Game Feature:

In this game, players create virtual representations of themselves. Physical features, hair colour, and the wardrobe are selected in such a way that it resonates the best with the personality of the player. Lifestyle choices of the character, kind of people she hangs out with, the places they go to; all of this is decided by the player.

It is safe to say that, players who did not get to live their ideal kind of life or want to explore different lifestyles do so, in this virtual community that Avakinlife has to offer.

In the latest version of the game, that is, version 1.015.03, security has been enhanced for a safer overall environment and bugs have been fixed. The game is now expected to be much smoother; the level cap has been increased; for all those who had reached the level limit, you can now go past 42!

Things You Can Do With Avakin Game:

  • Make Friends Chat with friends from around the world
  • Customize your apartment
  • Experiment with clothes and accessories from established brands
  • Visit happening social spots, scenic avenues
  • Listen to your kind of music
  • Hit the dance floor with the best set of moves

Basically, do everything you’ve always dreamed of doing!

Creating Your Avakin Character:

Your character in the game says a lot about your real personality. Here’s how you can create the perfect character for yourself.

Customize Your Look:

From your wardrobe choices to haircut and colour; don’t hold yourself back. Experiment with the wide range of options provided. From subtle girl-next-door to a bold Diva, try every look possible. You probably won’t get to experiment so much in real life.

So, have fun! Surprisingly, once you’ve created your avatar, you can upload it on Facebook and win exciting prizes.

Express Yourself:

Once you’re in this game, there’s no holding back. Do everything you have ever wanted to do. Express yourself with large clothing brands and associated accessories. From visiting a discotheque, going on a holiday, to buying your apartment, it’s all yours.

Explore a Virtual World In this 3D virtual world, become the person you have always wanted to be! There’s no social pressure on how you should be. Do exactly what you want to do, go where you want to go, with whom you want to, wearing whatever you want to!

Be your kind of perfect. Be yourself. Also explore beautifully created scenes be it a café, club or beachside. Enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Design Your Home:

Pick a high-rise apartment if you want to, or a cottage by the sea. Pick your dream house and live in it. The atmosphere of your home reflects your personality so do your best. Decorate your home the way you like – traditional, new age, Bohemian or Hollywood style.

Whatever suits your personality or the latest fashion trends. You can call your friends over, host parties, or just spend some quality time with your loved one.

The gap between your virtual and real life is blurred. You can buy your favourite clothing, accessories, and furniture from the game on Amazon.com.

Avakin Life GamePlay:

When you’re looking forward to making money within the game, it is as difficult and time-consuming as in real life. Within some time, you might lose interest in the game.

However, there are game hacks that allow you to get more game gems and coins (called Avacoins) in exchange for real-world money.

Why Players Need Unlimited Avacoins And Gems?

Avakinlife is a virtual game that replicates real life to the fullest extent. This means that as much as coins and gems are necessary for real-life, players need it in the game

By using this money, you can buy a new car, get yourself a pet, move into a new house and do the interiors just the way you like.

Basically, to enjoy various aspects of the game such as branded clothes and accessories, furniture, character makeover, visiting clubs players need gems and coins.


This is a slice of life game that imitates real life situations in the best way possible. The balance between making a living slightly difficult but enjoyable nevertheless is great.

Clothes, accessories from brands that players can not only enjoy online but buy in real as well as a brilliant feature. Reviews of players suggest that Avakinlife is much loved. You should definitely try it!